Ancillary products for roofing and wall cladding

TechBar Spacer System for roof and wall cladding

The spacer system used within a new build or re-clad insulated twin skin roof or wall is a critical component. It has to create the cavity for the insulation, carry wind and self weight loads, carry people loads during and after construction, be simple to use and last the life of the building.

The TechBar bracket and rail system from Trimform is the solution, available in 10mm height increments from 80mm to 300mm.……. Trimform can advise and supply your complete needs.

Trimform supplies a one-stop-shop comprehensive range of ancillary products to support its range of roof, wall and structural products for the industrial, commercial, agricultural and leisure sectors.

The essential extra items such as fasteners, spacer systems, insulation, sealants and filler blocks are available from Trimform to make procurement less arduous.