Ancillary products for roofing and wall cladding

Filler Blocks


Filler blocks for roofing, wall cladding and roof eves

Filler blocks are used to seal between a profiled roof or wall sheet and the flashing at the eaves, ridge or along a hip. Filler blocks are polyethylene or EPDM rubber and are cut to the shape of the profile to provide air tightness and water resistance.

Filler blocks should be bedded in sealant for best airtightness.……. Trimform can advise and supply your complete needs.

Trimform supplies a one-stop-shop comprehensive range of ancillary products to support its range of roof, wall and structural products for the industrial, commercial, agricultural and leisure sectors.

The essential extra items such as fasteners, spacer systems, insulation, sealants and filler blocks are available from Trimform to make procurement less arduous.