Fabrications and flashings for metal roofing and cladding




Trimform holds a stock of the common metal roof and wall materials and colours to allow a quick turnaround for a customer’s order. Typical flashings are 0.7mm steel ridges, hips, eaves, verges and soakers in 200micron PVC coated steel, Colorcoat LG, GP and HPS200 Ultra®, polyester or PVdF finishes. Flashings and secondary steel 1.5mm galv steel trimmers and zeds are made to order with standard 3m lengths or longer available with a girth up to 1500mm. Curved seam-lock formed sections and bonded stiffened flashings are made to order.

Trimform manufactures bespoke architectural fabrications and flashings in aluminium, steel and other metals to a customer’s design. 2D and 3D shapes are formed by pressing, folding, punching and welding in pre-coated or post-coated materials.

Fabrications are not limited to use in building and construction only – if it can be fabricated from metal, Trimform can make it.

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