Fabrications and flashings for metal roofing and cladding

Membrane Lined Insulated Gutters


Membrane lined gutters

Trimform membrane lined gutters create a fully sealed gutter system and are the ideal solution for rainwater management. Using market leading material Raintite, the gutters have a 1.2mm membrane weathering, integral insulation, a galvanised or white polyester painted steel lining, and are fabricated to order for valley, boundary wall and parapet gutter applications. Stopends, corner sections, outlets, sumps and downpipes are available to order.

Trimform manufactures bespoke architectural fabrications and flashings in aluminium, steel and other metals to a customer’s design. 2D and 3D shapes are formed by pressing, folding, punching and welding in pre-coated or post-coated materials.

Fabrications are not limited to use in building and construction only – if it can be fabricated from metal, Trimform can make it.