Fabrications and flashings for metal roofing and cladding

Trimform Secret Fix Capping System


Trimform secret fix capping system

The Trimform clip-on secret fix capping system consists of 2mm or 3mm aluminium, powder coated to the specified RAL colour and formed to the length, width and depth dimensions required. The capping is attached via concealed extruded aluminium cleats with integral sealant strips and is available in straight, mitred or curved-on-plan formats. The Trimform secret fix clip on design accommodates the effects of thermal movement at junctions and fasteners.

Trimform manufactures bespoke architectural fabrications and flashings in aluminium, steel and other metals to a customer’s design. 2D and 3D shapes are formed by pressing, folding, punching and welding in pre-coated or post-coated materials.

Fabrications are not limited to use in building and construction only – if it can be fabricated from metal, Trimform can make it.