Fabrications and flashings for metal roofing and cladding

Free Issue Production


Free issue fabrications

Trimform provides a fabrication services for customers needing pressed or fabricated products created from specialised materials and metals such as membrane steel, copper, zinc or stainless steel provided free issue by the customer. Fabrication is to the customer’s design. Membrane metal includes single ply roofing PVC pre-coated metals for trims, upstands, soakers and gutters.

Trimform manufactures bespoke architectural fabrications and flashings in aluminium, steel and other metals to a¬†customer’s design. 2D and 3D shapes are formed by pressing, folding, punching and welding in pre-coated or post-coated materials.

Fabrications are not limited to use in building and construction only – if it can be fabricated from metal, Trimform can make it.

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